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Model CPU Cores/Threads RAM Disk Traffic Link DC Price
MR1 C3558 4c,4t 32GB ECC 2x4TB HDD+1x120GB NVME 10TB 100mbit/s 55€ / month
MR3 D-1540 8c,16t 32GB ECC 2x4TB HDD 10TB 100mbit/s 70€ / month
MR4 D-1540 8c,16t 32GB ECC 2x1TB HDD+2x120GB SDD 10TB 100mbit/s 70€ / month
MR6 C2550 4c,4t 16GB ECC 4x4TB HDD 10TB 100mbit/s 55€ / month
MR7 E3-1230v3 4c,8t 32GB ECC 2x4TB HDD 10TB 100mbit/s 70€ / month
MR8 E3-1240v3 4c,8t 32GB ECC 2x1TB SSD 10TB 100mbit/s 70€ / month
MR9 E3-1230v3 4c,8t 32GB ECC 2x1TB HDD 10TB 100mbit/s 60€ / month
MR11 Xeon E-2124 4c,4t 32GB ECC 2x500GB SSD 15TB 250mbit/s 50€ / month

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